• Item #:213016

    20″ Red color stand


  • Item #:39008

    32″ Blue Stand


  • Item #:14010

    32″Red Round Stand


  • Item #:37087

    27″ Round Carving Table


CQ Home Decor located in New York City at 20th street, between 5th and 6th Ave .We offer variety of Asian Antique, reproduction furniture and accessory collections.Our Antique furniture was handcrafted between 100 to over 250 years ago, and is representative of the Qing and Ming Dynasty. These furniture pieces are varied in style and function. We carry rare antique treasures, armoires, buffets, entertainment cabinets, kitchen cabinets, chairs, benches, desks, altar tables, console tables, and etc. Our accessory collection include: Asian influenced art and antique porcelain, stone figurines, bronze carvings, and etc .Designed By i1024 Web Design